Crucial Elements to Consider When Looking for a Children's Kickboxing Facility

2 August 2021
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Approximately 20% of male and 15% of female school-going kids in Australia confess to being bullied at least once a week. These are worrying statistics since no child should have to go through bullying in any form. While the government and schools are constantly implementing programs to kerb the issue, many parents have taken a proactive step by enrolling their kids in kickboxing classes. With proper tutelage, kickboxing helps children protect themselves against bullies and develop a sense of self-discipline. Unfortunately, some parents do not know what to look for in a kids' kickboxing class; hence, they enrol their children in the nearest martial arts school. This article provides a checklist to help you select a suitable kickboxing class for your child.

Free Trial Lessons

While some children fall in love with kickboxing after the first class, others do not. Therefore, you should take it slow to avoid throwing your child in the midst of a sports activity they might not like. The first thing you should look for in a martial arts school is the availability of free trial lessons or a low-cost entry program. It is essential since it allows your child to ease into a kickboxing program at an affordable rate. Some martial arts schools allow a few days or even a week of free trial classes, which is enough time to gauge the quality of a facility and training program.

Age-Appropriate Classes and Curriculum

Martial arts schools must also follow an age-appropriate curriculum. Notably, the course should be based on each child's mental and physical growth. It is a crucial consideration because a child's capabilities differ at different stages of their development. For instance, a kickboxing curriculum for two to four-year-olds focuses on building gross motor skills and listening ability. Conversely, the curriculum of a kickboxing class of seven to 12-year-olds focuses on strength, balance and discipline. Therefore, it is vital to enrol your kid in an age-appropriate kickboxing class because it allows a seamless transition to the next stage.

Safe and Clean Facilities

Kids will play anywhere and touch anything they find because it is their nature. Thus, a professionally run martial arts facility ensures that their kickboxing classes are clean and safe for children. For example, they will make sure that the floors are matted because your child will often fall, and there should be enough padding to cushion their falls. Kicking and punching targets must also be age-appropriate to avoid injuries. Although most kids do not mind changing in front of their peers, it is still essential to select a kickboxing facility that offers clean changing rooms. To learn more, contact a facility that offers kickboxing classes.