Designing the Perfect Retirement Home: 3 Reasons to Install Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts

1 June 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Getting enough exercise becomes more important the older that you get. Unfortunately, only about 1 in 10 Australians over the age of 50 exercises enough to gain any type of cardiovascular benefit from the exercise. If you want to get out of a rut and exercise more, take up tennis. This sport will exercise all of the muscles in your body and can be enjoyed with a friend or two. Installing a tennis court at home can further your commitment to exercise more regularly. If you are looking to install a tennis court, a synthetic grass court is the best option available. Here's 3 reasons why.

Beauty without the Maintenance

One of the best things about playing tennis is being able to enjoy the beautiful luscious environment you're in. If you're craving the elegance and sophistication of real grass, you'll love the convenience and low-maintenance of synthetic grass. You can choose between different colours and textures of synthetic grass fibers.

Synthetic grass tennis courts are made from polypropylene or polyethylene grass fibers and typically have a minimum surface life of approximately 20 years. These tennis courts are easy to maintain and will tolerate and withstand almost all weather issues and conditions. This is great for those who would like to spend less time stressing on how to maintain the tennis courts and more time enjoying the rest of their life.

Easy on the Joints

The amount of sand that is used to fill in the base will affect the integrity of the surface of the court. A tennis court with less sand will offer more stability, but a court with more sand will be much easier on the joints. This is great for seniors, as their joints tend to be weaker in general. Synthetic grass tennis courts can reduce the risk of injuries to the joints as a result.

Synthetic grass tennis courts reduce the risk of "foot-lock". These courts mimic clay courts and will allow more leeway for your feet to slide when pivoting and stopping.

Flexibility to Play in All Seasons

Synthetic grass tennis courts have better drainage capabilities than almost all other types of courts. This means that you'll be able to play tennis in all weather conditions and will be able to get more use out of the tennis court.

The synthetic grass fibers also provide extra grip and traction. As a result, you'll be able to play tennis even in the rain. With years of retirement ahead of you, you won't have to pick and choose when you can play tennis, as you'll be able to play tennis whenever you want.


Synthetic grass tennis courts are perfect for retirement homes. They are easy to install and low maintenance. The different properties of the synthetic grass or the base will influence the properties of the court. You can alter the properties in order to get your synthetic grass tennis court to mimic the surface properties of grass, clay and even hard courts.